2018 SiX Legislator Conference

December 3-4, 2018




The SiX conference is a unique opportunity for legislators from across the country who share progressive values to come together and build a stronger national progressive community. Legislators have the opportunity to network, learn from national policy experts and organizational leaders, strategize, and share policy ideas and best practices with their colleagues in other states. At SiX, investing in the professional growth of a new generation of progressive leaders is at the core of our mission.

Activities include:

  • Training for Newly Elected Legislators
  • National and State Polling and Messaging Briefings
  • Policy Presentations from National Progressive Leaders, Policy Experts, and Legislators
  • Trainings and Skill-Building Seminars on Effective Governance and Communications
  • Networking Sessions
  • Programming for SiX’s Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council (RFLC)



Please email conference@stateinnovation.org with any questions.

Check back later to register.