SiX is proud to announce the launch of the Democracy Project, a new national initiative that empowers and emboldens state legislators to be dynamic advocates for a powerful, inclusive and participatory democracy. The project unites state legislators behind a bold vision and values platform and deepens legislative impact in state capitols across America.

The Democracy Project

Our vision is to build an inclusive, transparent, participatory, and equitable democracy of, by, and for the people.

At the intersection of state capitols and grassroots movements, the Democracy Project builds people power by developing, expanding, and deepening the capacity of state legislators to protect and fight for a democracy that reflects and serves “We, the People.” 

Progress towards this vision is rooted in our purpose of cultivating a diverse, national cohort of legislative champions with policy research, messaging guidance, strategic support, and by bridging partnerships between legislators, democracy advocates, and directly impacted communities.


Will you join us?

State legislators and grassroots movements are key to the strength of our democracy. The Democracy Project helps both build transformative progressive power to build an inclusive democracy rooted in the power of the People,”

— Na’ilah Amaru, Director of the Democracy Project

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