Today, millions of Americans still lack access to paid sick time – and low-wage workers are hit the hardest. Allowing individuals to earn paid sick days based on the hours they work would help our workforce become healthier and more productive.

Paid Sick Days

Millions of Americans still do not have access to paid sick time – and these numbers are concentrated among the lowest-wage workers. The health impacts on workers and the workplace can be jarring; workers without paid sick days are 1.5 times more likely to report to work sick than those with paid sick days. Paid sick days could further be used as safe days by women who are survivors of domestic violence. Each year, survivors are forced to miss eight million paid days of work recovering from an attack or seeking the assistance they need.

Many Connecticut families are headed by a single parent and not having paid sick leave increases the stress of choosing between the risk of being fired or recovering from their own illness or that of a family member.”

— Connecticut State Rep. Mary Mushinsky

Paid sick days could be used to care for an ill child; parents without paid sick days are twice as likely to send a child to school ill and five times more likely to take a child to the emergency room because they could not take time off work to care for them. By allowing working Americans to earn paid sick days based on the hours that they work, America’s workforce could become a more productive and healthy place.

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