Webinars, Calls, and Trainings

  • The State Innovation Exchange regularly offers online webinars and trainings, giving legislators and legislative staff the opportunity to learn more about specific policy trends, research and polling, and digital and communication tools. Webinars enable legislators across the country to join together in a collaborate environment without having to travel.
  • All SiX webinars are free to attend, and most webinars will be recorded for those who are unable to attend the live briefings. SiX also occasionally hosts webinars that are open to the public. Below is a list of webinars previously hosted, of which recordings and legislator resources can still be accessed through our sister organization, SiX Action.
  • If you are a legislator or legislative staff member who would like to receive regular updates about webinars and trainings or gain access to past webinar materials, please email helpdesk@stateinnovation.org.

Democracy and Elections

  • The SiX Democracy Project and an Overview of How to Build a Stronger Democracy
  • Modernizing and Securing Our Elections
  • What to Expect from ALEC and the Right in 2019
  • Protecting Local Control: Research & Messaging

Economic Equity

  • The Fight for Families: Progressive Workplace Policies that Work
  • Addressing the Student Debt Crisis: State Approaches to Reform
  • Multi-State Conversation on Paid Leave and Paid Sick Days
  • State Policies to Prevent Wage Theft

Health and Reproductive Care

  • Lessons from NY in Advancing Reproductive Rights in 2019
  • The Future of Roe v. Wade
  • State Legislators and Abortion Stories: A Toolkit for Transformation
  • Uplifting Policies and Opportunities to Support Black Maternal Health
  • Motivating Voters to Action on Abortion

Legislator Tools

  • Setting Up Your Legislative Office
  • Messaging Your Accomplishments and the Strength of Unified Agendas
  • Social Media 101 – Facebook and Twitter
  • Celebrating Earth Day with Action in the State Legislature