Land Value Tax Enabling Legislation: Pennsylvania and Five Other States

Summary: The traditional property tax penalizes owners with higher taxes when they construct, improve or maintain buildings. It rewards owners with lower taxes when they allow buildings to deteriorate. Owners of boarded-up buildings and vacant lots typically pay much less property tax than their more responsible neighbors. The “upside-down” economic incentives associated with the traditional property tax can be corrected land value taxation which reduces the property tax rate on building values while increasing the tax rate on land values. This report provides the enabling legislative language from Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington State to allow land value taxation in certain jurisdictions.
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Source:Center for the Study of Economics
State:Connecticut, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington
Level:State, Municipal
Type:Act/Ordinance, Report
Topic:split-rate tax, property tax reform, Taxation - Property, land value tax, Revenue and Budget