2010 New Jersey Chapter 59

Summary: The act sets standards related to labeling and reporting for employers, including: exemptions for certain public employers that indicated there are no hazardous substances at the facility site; requirements for the Department of Health and Senior Services to prepare and distribute a right to know survey, requiring disclosure of hazardous materials held, to every public employer covered by the law; prohibitions on disclosure by the Department of any trade secret claim and permits employers to conceal or omit information claimed to be a trade secret by the employer if the employer discloses that information was concealed or omitted as a trade secret; establishes procedures for verifying trade secret claims; requirements for employers to label, among other things, containers holding trade hazardous secret materials; requirements for hazardous substance fact sheets to be developed by the Department of Health and Senior Services for each hazardous substance on the Right to Know Hazardous Substance List; requirements for public employers to submit certification that employees who are exposed or are potentially exposed to hazardous substances in the course of their employment have received an education and training program for hazardous substances; and requirements for the Department to provide certain information upon request to the public.
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Source:New Jersey Legislature
Source Website:http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/
State:New Jersey
Topic:public hazard, Job and Workplace Standards, Public Health, worker safety, environmental health, Labor Rights and Protections, Health