What Just Happened in the States

Structural barriers kept control of state legislatures largely the same, but multi-racial community coalitions achieved major victories.

Multiple statehouses collaged

COVID Response: Resources for State Legislators

State legislators are uniquely positioned to find solutions that mitigate the harm for at-risk medical populations, hourly workers, and everyone who is one health emergency away from financial ruin.


COVID Resources: Preventing Evictions

State legislators can take should take immediate emergency measures and long-term solutions to prevent mass evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Projects housing apartments

COVID Resources: Immigration

Undocumented Immigrants make up a disproportionate share of frontline workers and are especially concentrated in high-risk industries.

Screenshot of u. S. Citizenship and immigration website

COVID Resources: Health Care

COVID-19 pandemic affects every health care system in the United States. State legislatures have a responsibility to ensure that these systems are operating effectively and equitably.

Doctor with patient