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2017 SiX Legislator Conference

OCTOBER 8-10, 2017




This October, join us in D.C. for the year’s largest national gathering of progressive state legislators!

Each year, the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) conference brings together lawmakers, policy experts, and progressive leaders who share a vision for our country: a thriving middle class, a stronger democracy with more transparency in our government, greater protections for our environment, and safeguards for our civil rights and liberties. Today, that vision is under attack by the White House, in Congress, and in statehouses across the nation. We must come together to determine how best to advance and defend our values in the 2018 legislative session and beyond.

Over this three-day conference, participants can expect a mix of policy discussions, training sessions, and opportunities to hear from national progressive champions. Attendees will also be able to connect with their legislative colleagues from across the country to share ideas and best practices.

SiX is able to provide travel scholarships and cover hotel costs for sitting state legislators.


Registration for the 2017 SiX Legislator Conference is now open to all sitting state legislators.

Early registration is open until August 18th. Legislators who register in this window will be eligible for travel scholarships of up to $400. Those who register after August 18th will be eligible for a travel scholarship of $350. For more information on scholarships, see the section below.

We encourage all sitting lawmakers to register as soon as possible to secure their spot at the conference.

Not a legislator but still interested in attending? A limited number of registration spots will be reserved for partner organizations and legislative staff.


Because we do not want cost to be a barrier to participation, SiX can provide scholarship funds to cover travel costs for sitting state legislators. Legislators who submit their registration by August 18th will be eligible for a $400 scholarship. Those who register after August 18th will be eligible for a $350 scholarship.

The scholarship application is included as part of the general conference registration form. Upon submitting your scholarship request, a SiX staff member will follow up with you in 1-3 business days to confirm.

All scholarship funds are provided in the form of a reimbursement check following the conference. Legislators must complete a travel reimbursement form and submit accompanying receipts by November 10, 2017. No late reimbursement submissions will be accepted.

Scholarship stipulations:

  • Recipients of scholarship funds must attend the entire conference program, which runs from 3:00 pm on Sunday, October 8th to 2:00 pm on Tuesday, October 10th.
  • Scholarship funds may only cover the travel costs of the participating legislator – they may not be used to cover travel for other legislators, legislative staff, or family members.
  • Scholarships may only be used for travel costs (airfare, train fare, parking, Metro, etc.). Meals in transit will not be covered.
  • Travel receipts must be submitted in order to receive scholarship funds.


SiX is able to provide hotel accommodations for participating legislators at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. We are able to cover the cost of accommodations for sitting state legislators for the two main conference evenings of Sunday, October 8th and Monday, October 9th. Lawmakers may also book accommodations for the evenings of Saturday, October 7th and Tuesday, October 10th, but they will be billed for the cost of those nights.

Exceptions to this booking policy will be made for legislators traveling from Hawaii and Alaska, whose travel necessitates their early arrival and/or departure.

Booking process:

Unlike previous years, participants in this year’s conference will book their hotel accommodations directly through the Omni Shoreham Hotel weblink – a custom website designed for this year’s conference. Legislators must register for the conference  before booking accommodations in the SiX hotel room block. The Omni Shoreham weblink will be provided to you upon completing your conference registration.

While SiX will cover hotel costs for the two main conference evenings, a credit card is still required to book hotel accommodations through the Omni Shoreham Hotel weblink. This will be held on file in case of incidentals or a failure to show up at the hotel. For guests requesting hotel accommodations on the 7th and/or 10th, the credit card will be billed for those nights at the time of the conference.

While SiX has adequate space in the hotel room block, in the event of increased attendance, we cannot guarantee a room for all attendees. We encourage you to book at your earliest convenience.

Guests may submit their hotel accommodations through the Omni Shoreham Hotel weblink at any point before September 8th.

Any questions about the conference hotel policy can be submitted to

Conference Schedule

The 2017 conference will begin on Sunday at 3:00 pm and wrap up at 2:00 pm on Tuesday. Please plan to join us for the full conference. Additional details will be available soon, but below is a general snapshot of activities.

Sunday, October 8 (3:00 pm to 8:00 pm):

Afternoon: Kick off the conference by participating in one of three interactive, discussion-based workshop sessions

Evening: Hors d’oeuvres, keynote speaker, networking

Monday, October 9 (7:00 am to 9:00 pm):

Morning: Registration, breakfast, keynote speakers, networking, plenary panels

Afternoon: Lunch, breakout sessions

Evening: Dinner, keynote speakers, networking

Tuesday, October 10 (7:00 am to 2:00 pm):

Morning: Breakfast, breakout sessions

Afternoon: Lunch, keynote speakers, plenary panels

Not a Legislator?

The SiX Legislator Conference is an event for sitting state legislators. However, we have a limited number of registration spots open to members of the policy and advocacy community as well as legislative staff. If you are interested in attending the 2017 SiX Legislator Conference, please fill out the appropriate form and a conference organizer will be in touch. Note that members of the policy and advocacy community are required to pay a registration fee and are responsible for their own travel and accommodations.

Click here to access the application for the policy and advocacy community.

This year’s conference will feature a track specifically for legislative staff. This track will allow for legislative staff to gather and share best practices and ideas to more effectively support their lawmaker or caucus. The deadline to apply for the legislative staff track passed on July 14th. However, interested legislative staff may still submit an application to be placed on the waitlist in the event of cancellations.

Click here to access the application to be added to the waitlist for the legislative staff track.

Following the July 14th deadline, SiX staff will review applications and email applicants with a final decision by July 21st.

All legislative staff that are approved to participate will receive a travel scholarship of $350.00. SiX will also be able to cover hotel accommodations for all legislative staff for the two main conference evenings of October 8th and 9th.


Please email with any questions or if you’d like to amend or cancel your registration.

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