Where did State Innovation Exchange come from?

Founded in late 2014, SiX is the result of an unprecedented merger of four organizations – the Progressive States Network (PSN), Progressive States Action, the American Legislative and Issue Campaign Exchange (ALICE), and the Center for State Innovation (CSI) – that joined forces to consolidate resources and maximize efficiency. Today, SiX is uniquely positioned to help legislators drive a progressive agenda forward in states across the country.

What resources does SiX offer?

First and foremost, SiX works to ensure that state legislators have the support they need to advance and defend progressive policies on the issues that matter – from equal pay, climate change, and election reform to paid sick leave, wage theft prevention, and predatory lending. For additional information and resources on any of our core policy priorities, feel free to visit our issues section.

SiX’s signature Policy Playbooks – formerly known as Campaigns in a Box – are carefully researched and regularly updated toolkits that we have compiled with input from state and national advocates, organizers, and leading policy experts from across the country. Each Playbook is designed to bring legislators up to speed on a given issue, with a full menu of policy solutions, legislative language, communications and messaging guidance, and resources from local, state, and national organizations with expertise on the subject matter. For more information or to request access to one of our Policy Playbooks, contact SiX at info@stateinnovation.org.

We also maintain a legislative library that allows you to search for and review exemplary legislation on a broad range of issues.

Each year, SiX holds an annual convening of hundreds of state legislators from across the nation, where we provide policy education, communications and other skill-based training, and opportunities for elected officials to connect with each other and share best practices. More information on our 2016 conference is available here.

We also conduct caucus visits and legislator trainings throughout the year, assist with bill tracking and other research requests, and regularly hold webinars and conference calls on a wide range of issues and policy developments. Recordings of several of those webinars and calls are available on SiX’s resources page.

What can I do to support SiX?

To receive regular updates on SiX’s work – including the latest news from the states and ways you can get involved – sign up for our email list. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and check out weekly posts from the SiX blog. Additionally, we are always grateful for donations from our supporters, which help us continue to move this work forward.