SiX is committed to helping state legislators change the conversation and change course in order to protect and advance reproductive health, rights, and justice.

Reproductive Rights

A years-long trend of more than 400 state-level abortion restrictions has resulted in a patchwork landscape of abortion access across the country, meaning a person’s ability to receive quality abortion care often depends on the state in which they live and the size of their paycheck. The threat posed by a changed Supreme Court to our constitutional right to abortion has the potential to further aggravate access to quality abortion care and reproductive health care services.

Now more than ever we need leaders to defend our reproductive freedoms and put pressure on other elected officials to do the same.”

— Georgia State Representative Renitta Shannon

To respond to this critical moment, the State Innovation Exchange launched the Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council (RFLC) for state legislators.

The Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council is a cohort of more than 330 legislators from around the country who endorse a Vision and Values Platform and receive access to invitation-only skills-building events, trainings, and media opportunities.  The RFLC equips state legislators with skills-building, information-sharing, media positioning, technical assistance, and in-person trainings. To see more of our work, check out our Courage is Contagious video and the “Our Work in Action” tab below.

The full list of RFLC legislators can be found here.

State legislators interested in joining the Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council can sign up here, and email for more information.

This "is a pro-family bill,” he said. “We cannot have and force inauthentic conversations between families. The state of Illinois has no place.”

Thank you to RFLC superstar @ElgieSims for sponsoring a bill to respect young people's reproductive dignity.

The multi state strategy is to get a case before @USSupremeCourt to overturn Roe. The Trump court! States like #waleg need strategy too

A Bleak 24 Hours for Women’s Rights in the US:
Abortion Bills in Five States Threaten Reproductive Rights from #UT #AR #OH #KY #KS @Flip_Stewart

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