Fall 2022 Reproductive Rights Communications Intern
August 2, 2022


SiX’s Reproductive Rights Communications Intern plays a pivotal role supporting progressive state legislators by communicating a comprehensive reproductive health, rights, and justice frame for the Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council cohort. This position supports the work of the Reproductive Rights team to amplify the work of legislators, create and disseminate messaging and policy materials, and grow the SiX RFLC national recognition. The Reproductive Rights Communications Intern will help draft communications materials, monitor news and social media, and support legislator messaging training.

At SiX, we commit to equal pay for equal work. To counter pay inequality and uphold internal parity, we use a nonnegotiable starting salary system, while benchmarking our pay to highly competitive markets in the nonprofit sector. The rate for this position is $18/hr, and interns are eligible for paid leave benefits. The position is remote and open to anyone living in the United States. Interns are expected to work approximately 15-20 hours per week, but weekly hours are flexible and can be adjusted based on school schedules or other work commitments. This internship is expected to start in September and end December 2022.

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