Webinars, Calls, and Trainings

The State Innovation Exchange regularly offers legislators and legislative staff the opportunity to learn more about specific policy trends and topics and learn about digital and communications tools through webinars coordinated by SiX staff. Webinars enable legislators across the country to join together in a collaborate environment without having to travel.

All SiX webinars are free to attend, and most webinars will be recorded for those who are unable to attend the live briefings. SiX also occasionally hosts webinars that are open to the public. A handful of past, public webinar offerings can be found at the bottom of this page. Additional webinar recordings and resources for legislators can be found through our sister organization, SiX Action.

If you’re a legislator or legislative staff member and would like to get regular updates about webinar and training opportunities, or gain access to past webinar materials, please email info@stateinnovation.org.

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Modernizing and Securing Our Elections

Date: TBD

Check back soon for updates!

Summary: This briefing will review voting reforms that expand mail ballot delivery and improve in-person voter service options, both during early vote periods and on Election Day. This combination provides voters with secure options to register and vote, while decreasing barriers to voting caused by lack of access to transportation, work schedules, weather, age, or disability. To register, email info@stateinnovation.org.


Social Media 2.0: Going Beyond the Basics and Creating Engaging Content

June 1, 2018
2:00 p.m. ET

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SummaryParticipants will have the chance to learn ways to create online content that engages their audience. This skills-based webinar will go over programs to help create content such as gifs, graphics, and memes, and also give tips on ways to bring digital projects into their social media. To register, email info@stateinnovation.org.

Past SiX Webinars

Skill Building: Social Media 101

April 20, 2018
2:00 p.m. ET

Vanessa Harmoush, Associate Director of Digital Communications, SiX
Brent Comstock, CEO and Founder, BCom Solutions, LLC

SummaryParticipants will have the chance to learn best practices on how to manage public profiles on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter, and how to best engage with constituents online as an elected official. To access a recording of this webinar, email info@stateinnovation.org.


#MeToo, What Next? State Efforts to Reform Sexual Harassment Policies

April 6, 2018
1:00 p.m. ET

Andrea Johnson, Senior Counsel for State Policy, National Women’s Law Center
Peggy Shorey, Director of State and Local Legislation, AFL-CIO
California Sen. Hannah Beth Jackson
Maryland Del. Ariana Kelly
Washington Sen. Karen Keiser

Summary: This briefing explored how to maximize the power of the #MeToo movement through legislation to prevent harassment at work and at school. The webinar covered key public policies for combating sexual harassment and lessons learned from legislators working to move these policies in their states. Topics covered included various means of expanding worker and employee protections, efforts to extend the statute of limitations on bringing harassment charges, accountability and transparency measures, and prevention measures. To access a recording of this webinar, email info@stateinnovation.org.


Reproductive Rights: 45 Years After Roe v. Wade…What We Don’t Know, Because We’ve Never Asked

March 15, 2018

Kelly Baden, Director of Reproductive Rights, SiX
Tresa Undem, Partner, PerryUndem

Summary: Decades of polling data on abortion has painted an incomplete picture of how Americans feel about the legal right to abortion and a person’s ability to access that right. Tresa Undem presented findings and recommendations on her newest research which seeks to capture, understand, and reflect the nuance of public opinion on abortion, gender roles, and the role of lawmakers in legislating abortion rights. To access a recording of this webinar, email info@stateinnovation.org.


Local Control: Research and Messaging

March 23, 2018

Sam Munger, Senior Director of External Affairs, SiX
Kim Haddow, Director, Local Solutions Support Center
Molly Murphy, Partner, Anzalone Liszt Grove Research

Summary: As localities increasingly take action on smart, progressive policies like paid sick days and a living wage, conservative state legislatures are passing more laws that wipe out these along with the power to enact other progressive local policies. This tactic is now being used to perpetuate racial and economic inequality, limit local anti-discrimination efforts, and systemically strip local governments of their power to regulate and set standards that reflect the views and values of their citizens. This presentation discussed the latest research on local interference by state government. To access a recording of this webinar, email info@stateinnovation.org.