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Cindy Polo

Senior Director, Communications

Cindy is an experienced communications professional and a former state legislator who has dedicated most of her life to advocacy on behalf of her community. As a Florida State Representative from 2018-2020, Cindy’s priorities included policy work on reproductive justice, protecting union benefits, creating gun reform measures and advocating for the public education system, which she is a proud graduate of.  After leaving elected office, Cindy was selected to be a fellow with the Open Society Foundation studying misinformation campaigns among the Latino community in Miami-Dade. In 2019, Cindy was also chosen as a delegate of the Young American Leaders Program at Harvard Business School. Before she ran for office, Cindy earned her bachelor’s degree in mass communications and a master’s degree in business administration from Florida International University. Her previous career experiences include communications for the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority and the Miami Heat. When asked what her greatest accomplishment has been, without hesitation Cindy will always say, “being a mother.”

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