Peter Bailon
Peter Bailon,
Chief Program Officer

Peter Bailon serves as the Chief Program Officer for SiX. In this role he oversees program implementation, advises on organizational direction, strategy and development, and oversees SiX’s legal compliance. Prior to working at SiX, he was a Senior Legislative Policy Analyst with the American Legislative & Issue Campaign Exchange (ALICE), where his work focused on policy development and legislative research and analysis. Peter was also a researcher at the Center on Wisconsin Strategy, a think and do tank housed at the University of Wisconsin Madison. In this role, he worked on a variety of projects, focusing primarily on state and municipal policies addressing resident integration and equity, transparency, and access in government institutions, as well as criminal justice reform. Peter has also spent time in private practice and worked with the ACLU of Wisconsin on challenges to Wisconsin’s felon disenfranchisement and voter ID laws. Before attending law school, he worked for nongovernmental organizations on a variety of infrastructure and child deinstitutionalization projects in East Africa and development initiatives in Thailand and northwestern Cambodia. Peter is a licensed attorney in Wisconsin. Peter holds a JD from the University of Wisconsin Law School.