Specialized SiX Trainings

Because each state is unique, SiX works with legislators to create tailored trainings and content. We provide strategy, curriculum and resources to create a training experience that advances legislators’ specific goals. Examples include effective message and communications training, policy-specific training, and governance training. Also see information about our Progressive Governance Academy (PGA) here.


Online and Digital Trainings

SiX’s staff brings their unique expertise to provide online opportunities for learning. In collaboration with state and national advocates, organizers, and leading policy organizations, SiX hosts informational and training webinars and policy updates; past webinars are available at www.sixaction.org, where you can find 27 Playbooks, Briefs, and Trend Reports, 24 Webinars and Trainings, and 6 Communications Guidance resources.


Legislator Convenings

SiX brings together legislators from across the country to build a stronger national progressive community. Convenings provide legislators with the opportunity to network, learn from policy experts and organizational leaders, strategize, and exchange policy ideas and best practices with colleagues in other states.

If you are interested in hosting a training with SiX, reach out to helpdesk@stateinnovation.org.