Defending Against Harmful Policies

September 4, 2020 in Blog , COVID , Uncategorized

State legislatures are on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, trying to do their best to protect and provide vital social services to their constituents. While some states are passing inclusive policies to stabilize our local economies, others are using the pandemic as an opportunity to pass harmful policies that will have devastating impacts on […]

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Americans Want Community Investment, Not Cuts

August 26, 2020 in Uncategorized

Recent poll finds intense support across 10 states for legislators to side with workers over corporations A recent poll surveying Americans in Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) and conducted by TargetSmart, shows voters’ strong support for: state investment in ensuring residents are […]

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COVID Response: Resources for State Legislators

August 21, 2020 in Uncategorized

As the coronavirus situation continues to unfold, we’re compiling resources here to help you navigate the many challenges this presents to your community.  We know that crises like these have disproportionate impacts on vulnerable and low-income communities and want to make sure we stand up for those most at risk. As legislators, you are uniquely […]

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After Voting Debacle in the Spring, New Poll Shows Wisconsinites Want State Government to Ensure Safety and Accessibility of Election

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Overwhelming support for state investment to ensure health and economic security while also bolstering a fair election  In the wake of Wisconsin’s much-criticized spring elections, a recent poll commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) and conducted by TargetSmart shows Wisconsin voters broadly support reforms to safely administer elections, increase the role of the state […]

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New Poll Shows Mississippians Want Bold Policy Action by State Government to Address COVID Impact on Economy and Election

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In a recent poll commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) and conducted by TargetSmart, Missippians expressed a strong desire for bold policy action by the state government to address the impact of COVID on the economy and election safety and accessibility.  Voters Concerned about COVID Impact on Health and Strongly Support Bold Economic Policies […]

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New Poll Shows GA Voters’ Deep Concern About Pandemic Impact on Elections and Economy

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Strong support for bold policy solutions to help working families, businesses, and ensure the safety and accessibility of elections The coronavirus surfaces as the top issue priority for Georgia voters and this concern cuts across partisan lines.  A recent poll conducted by TargetSmart and commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) shows Georgians have deep […]

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Tennessee Supreme Court Ruling, New Polling Add to Urgency for Action During Special Legislative Session

August 7, 2020 in Uncategorized

New poll shows Tennesseans want action to ensure safe, accessible elections and to help workers  Yesterday, the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that the coronavirus pandemic which has infected nearly 5 million Americans and killed more than 150,00 is not an acceptable reason to vote absentee in the November election in Tennessee. However, new polling commissioned […]

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Arizonans Overwhelmingly Support Proactive Policies in COVID Crisis

August 5, 2020 in Blog , Uncategorized

Strong support for progressive solutions to help working families and ensure the accessibility of elections A recent poll commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) shows Arizona voters hold deep concerns over the risk that COVID-19 poses to their health and the impact on the economy.  The poll showed that Arizonans believe that the government […]

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Michiganders Want State Lawmakers to Act on Threats of COVID Crisis

July 14, 2020 in Blog , Uncategorized

Strong support for progressive solutions to help working families and ensure the safety and security of elections A recent poll commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) shows Michigan voters hold deep concerns over the risk that COVID-19 poses to their health and the impact on the economy.  The poll showed that Michiganders believe that […]

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Pennsylvanians Support Progressive Agenda in Harrisburg

June 16, 2020 in Blog , Uncategorized

Residents particularly support public health and economic responses to COVID-19 and critical democracy reforms  A recent poll commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) shows Pennsylvanians are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 and support widespread testing, prioritize working people in the economic response, and support reforms to make our democracy stronger.  Pennsylvanians Broadly Support […]

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Anti-Black Racism Must End in This Country: A Call for Justice, Solidarity, and Action to Legislators in Our Network

June 5, 2020 in Blog , Uncategorized

By Jessie Ulibarri and Neha Patel, SiX Co-Executive Directors  State Legislators, We write to you with profound grief, rage, and frustration, but also with deep hope that this network of state legislators can rise to meet this moment and leverage the power of our collective work to fight for a nation that honors, respects, and […]

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The COVID Crisis Reveals Deep Fissures in American Society and Shines a Light on the Path Forward

May 1, 2020 in Blog , Uncategorized

“Many Americans are now experiencing what poor communities live with daily. We have communities perennially facing lower wages, higher poverty, lack of access to health care, and lack of access to child care. Shift workers, low-wage workers, agrarian workers, and service workers are now being pushed over the edge. We must be intentional about identifying […]

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Legislating in a Pandemic: Transparent & Remote Governance

March 27, 2020 in Blog , Uncategorized

Considerations for Transparent & Accessible Governance in Emergencies Examples of Remote Governance Transitions Reads & Resources As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing list of state legislatures have postponed session and legislators themselves have started testing positive for the virus. While some states quickly moved to remote sessions and amended open meeting laws […]

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Coronavirus Response: Resources for State Legislators

March 17, 2020 in Uncategorized

As the coronavirus situation continues to unfold, we’re compiling resources here to help you navigate the many challenges this presents to your community.  We will use this space to share policy, communication, and organizing resources that you can use to respond to the health, economic, and social impacts this is having on your communities.   We […]

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Become a part of CROP: SiX’s Agriculture Cohort

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We wondered: Do SiX legislators want or need program-specific resources to help engage in rural, agricultural or local foods policy? Our staff criss-crossed the country, traveled to your states, spoke with some of you over the phone, connected with your colleagues, reached out to your partners and the verdict is in: SiX legislators not only […]

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New Resource: Paid Family and Medical Leave Playbook

March 12, 2020 in Blog , Uncategorized

Ultimately, nearly all workers need to take time away at some point to deal with a serious personal or family illness or to care for a new child. Laws providing paid family and medical leave allow workers to meet these needs without jeopardizing their economic security, which strengthens working families and thereby grows the economy.  […]

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Commonsense Gun Safety Reforms Receive Broad Bipartisan Support in Colorado

March 5, 2020 in Uncategorized

A recent poll conducted by Strategies 360 for the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) shows that Coloradans strongly support progressive solutions to improve gun safety. Across the board from liberals to conservatives, these commonsense policies receive overwhelming support statewide.  Lost and Stolen Reporting and Safe Storage Seven in ten Colorado voters favor holding gun owners legally […]

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MI Poll: Voters Want Focus on Election Security

February 3, 2020 in Uncategorized

Survey also examined attitudes around additional voting reforms and participation in the upcoming 2020 Census LANSING, Mich. – As early voting began last week in Michigan, a recent statewide survey of Michigan residents shows they are concerned about protecting the elections process and want elected officials to make election security a priority. The poll also gathered […]

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Protecting the Power of the Ballot Initiative: A Guide

January 15, 2020 in Blog , Uncategorized

The SiX Democracy Project is teaming up with the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC) to help progressive legislators protect the ballot measure process and champion direct democracy. The resources below highlight why you, as a progressive legislator, should care about this important tool for change and how you can identify and disrupt common tactics conservatives […]

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Health care costs, support for working people top concerns in new Michigan poll

December 5, 2019 in Uncategorized

Key Findings from Michigan Statewide Polls for the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) reveal strong support for action on health care affordability, economic justice, and election security Voters support health care reforms and progressive economic initiatives A recent poll conducted by Lincoln Park Strategies for SiX shows that economic concerns around the skyrocketing cost of health […]

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Mainers Concerned About Economy and Health Care, Support the Recent Actions Taken in the 2019 Legislative Session

August 6, 2019 in Blog , Uncategorized

A recent poll commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) shows Mainers are concerned about pocketbook economic issues, the affordability of health care, and education. Mainers also support recent state legislative actions to address these issues and the direction Maine is going after the 2019 legislative session. Legislators took significant steps in the 2019 session […]

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Maine sees big wins in 2019

June 28, 2019 in Uncategorized

The 2019 Maine legislative session adjourned on June 20 with several wins for working people—including on health care, civil rights, incomes, paid leave, reproductive rights, and democracy reform. Medicaid Expansion Conservatives have denied Mainers access to Medicaid expansion for years, even over the wishes of voters. When Governor Mills took office in 2019, she promised […]

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Television Media Training in Colorado

June 11, 2019 in Blog , Uncategorized

Media Training Application for Interested Legislators Join the State Innovation Exchange for a media training on Friday, June 28th from 9:00-1:00 at Colorado Education Association. This half day training will provide advice around media interviews and on-camera practice for participants so that they may be more knowledgeable about messaging on policy priorities important for working […]

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Widespread Support for Progressive Agenda Among Michigan Voters

June 3, 2019 in Blog , Uncategorized

Key Findings from Michigan Statewide Polls for the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) reflect voter support for democratic reforms and progressive solutions to economic issues A recent poll conducted by TargetSmart for SiX revealed that Michigan voters are hungry for concrete improvements in the everyday life of the average person and their family. From safe, modern […]

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How to Support a Fair and Accurate Census

May 23, 2019 in Blog , Uncategorized

Why Does the 2020 Census Matter? Census data determine the allocation of more than $800 billion in annual federal funding and are often used in state and local policy making, decision making, and research. An inaccurate census in 2020 would jeopardize state funds for over 300 federal programs and compromise crucial supports for marginalized communities. Census data are also […]

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Statement from State Legislators on the Abortion Ban Crisis

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The statement below was coordinated by the Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council, a first-of-its-kind national network of over 350 pro-choice state legislators from across the country. The RFLC is a project of the State Innovation Exchange (SiX). “The 2019 state attacks on the legal right to abortion are a crisis. As state legislators from around the […]

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May 7, 2019 in Blog , Uncategorized

By: Kyle Huelsman, SiX Colorado State Director Working Women Will Benefit from the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act Senator Jessie Danielson and Representative Janet Buckner have been pushing the legislature to address the gender pay gap since 2016 and finally this year they found a path with SB-85, the Equal Pay for Equal Work […]

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At Five Years Old, Who is SiX Today?

April 23, 2019 in Blog , Uncategorized

We, the State Innovation Exchange (SiX), are a policy resource and strategy center that provides progressive state legislators the tools, resources, and supports they need to fight back against wealthy and well-connected special interests, while making positive changes in the lives of the people they represent. At five years old, SiX has transformed since our […]

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What do North Carolina Voters Want?

March 7, 2019 in Blog , Uncategorized

Recently polling commissioned by SiX shows that voters want the legislature and the governor to focus on policies that would create an economy that works for everyone, make the investment needed for a first-class education system, and make affordable health care available to more North Carolina residents. Voters believe strongly that polluters, not ratepayers, should […]

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The Labor Movement is #FightingforFamilies in Every State

February 8, 2019 in Uncategorized

By: AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler In her response to President Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night, Stacey Abrams encapsulated the sentiment of our current times when she said, “Under the current administration, hard-working Americans are falling behind, living paycheck to paycheck, most without labor unions to protect them from even worse harm.” […]

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Statement from the Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council on the 46th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

January 22, 2019 in Blog , Reproductive Rights , Uncategorized

The Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council is the only national, cross-state cohort of pro-choice state legislators in the country, with 326 members from 46 states. The RFLC is a project of State Innovation Exchange (SiX). The 46th anniversary of the United States Supreme Court’s landmark decision Roe v. Wade comes at a critical time in our […]

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#FightingForFamilies Week of Action: Feb 4-8, 2019

December 19, 2018 in Blog , Press , Uncategorized

The annual SiX #FightingForFamiliesWeek of Action is a national, coordinated effort to highlight the work of progressive state legislators to create an economy that works for all, not just the wealthy few. The next Week of Action will be February 4-8, 2019. WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN Join a national movement to highlight the work of […]

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Guest Commentary: Massachusetts’ Bump Stock Ban

November 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

By: Representative David P. Linsky, D-Massachusetts Last week, Massachusetts became the first state in the nation to ban bump stock and trigger crank devices after the Las Vegas tragedy. Following the tragedy in Las Vegas, in which bump stocks were used to murder 58 innocent people and wound hundreds more, I reviewed the Massachusetts General […]

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SiX Expands with Addition of Chief Development and Strategy Officer, National Legislative Director, and State Directors in Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, and Virginia

October 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

The State Innovation Exchange (SiX) is pleased to announce its continued growth this fall with the addition of eight new staff members, including Neha Patel as Chief Development and Strategy Officer and Victoria Simarano as National Legislative Director, positions that will help SiX deepen our ability to advance progressive policies in the states. SiX is also […]

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Guest Commentary: Georgia Women Deserve Equal Pay

October 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

By: Representative Park Cannon, Georgia I grew up in a single parent home shaped by domestic violence. My mother worked as a pharmaceutical representative to keep us fed. We needed every penny she earned so that we could stay afloat. Many Georgia families know what it’s like to grow up struggling. They understand hardships. They […]

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SiX Announces Addition of Leigh Warren as Chief Operating Officer

August 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

SiX is thrilled to announce the hiring of Leigh Warren to serve as our Chief Operating Officer, marking the first time the organization will have a senior staff member fully dedicated to overseeing our human resources, finance and compliance, and IT functions. As SiX enters an important period of growth and expansion, Warren will be critical to […]

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SiX Launches Reproductive Rights Program to be Led by State Policy and Advocacy Expert Kelly Baden

July 13, 2017 in Reproductive Rights , Uncategorized

This week, SiX is excited to announce a new program—led by state policy and advocacy expert Kelly Baden—that will expand our capacity to help legislators advance and defend policies that safeguard reproductive rights at the state level. As SiX’s first-ever Director of Reproductive Rights, Baden will work to fully integrate this critical issue into the work of the organization and its […]

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SiX Announces Expansion of Communications Team with Addition of National Press Secretary & Deputy Director for State Communications

July 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

As part of our ongoing work to support state lawmakers who are fighting to advance and defend progressive policies all across the country, SiX is thrilled to announce an expansion of our communications shop—with the addition of Press Secretary Karyn Bruggeman and Deputy Director for State Communications Katy Fleury. Karyn Bruggeman, who is based in our Washington, D.C. office […]

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Guest Commentary – The Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy Movement: The Next Big Trend in Education Legislation?

February 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

JR Starrett is a Senior Director of National Advocacy for Common Sense Kids Action Kids and teens today are using the immense power of digital media to explore, connect, create, and learn in ways never before imagined. With this power, young people have extraordinary opportunities, and yet they face potential pitfalls, too. Meanwhile, schools are […]

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VIDEO: SiX’s Work to Resist and Rebuild in the States

January 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

We marched. Now what? In states across the country, SiX is already on the front lines of the fight to protect the progress made over the last eight years. But we need your help. This video explains what SiX is doing and why it matters. Want to help us spread the word? Share this video with your friends, family, […]

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National Public Radio Interview with SiX Executive Director Nick Rathod

December 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

In a recent interview with National Public Radio, SiX Executive Director Nick Rathod sat down to discuss SiX’s work and how state lawmakers can lead the progressive resistance to President-elect Trump and his conservative allies in Congress. “Let’s have some debates about policies and see where things shake out,” said Rathod during the interview. “I […]

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SiX Hosts Regional Climate Academy in Denver for 40 Western State Legislators

December 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

In partnership with Conservation Colorado, Sierra Club, NRDC, and other environmental groups, SiX brought together 40 Western state legislators for a day-long Regional Climate Academy in Denver, Colorado. During the academy, legislators had the opportunity to network with other state lawmakers in their region, learn more about effective communications and targeted messaging, and expand their knowledge around climate […]

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SiX Executive Director Nick Rathod Joins AM Joy on MSNBC to Discuss How States Can Lead Resistance to Trump

December 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

SiX Executive Director Nick Rathod recently appeared on AM Joy on MSNBC to discuss the North Carolina governor’s race, Rev. Barber’s Moral Monday movement, and how progressives can resist President-elect Trump’s agenda by organizing at the state and local level. “You can win back people’s hearts and minds by focusing and being where they are,” said Rathod during the segment. […]

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SiX Hosts 2016 National Legislator Conference, Bringing Together More Than 400 State Lawmakers from Across the Nation

December 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

From December 4-6, 2016, SiX hosted its national legislator conference in Washington, D.C. – bringing together more than 400 state lawmakers from across the nation. The conference was the first major gathering of state legislators, members of Congress, and progressive movement leaders since the 2016 election. Attendees discussed how to advance a positive vision of progressive […]

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SiX Welcomes Two New Staff Members: Press Secretary Margaret Ann Morgan and Deputy Director of Strategic Engagement Mandela Barnes

December 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

As the SiX staff continues to grow, we are thrilled to announce two new members of the team: Press Secretary Margaret Ann Morgan and Deputy Director of Strategic Engagement Mandela Barnes. Barnes most recently served in the Wisconsin State Assembly. During his tenure there, he authored legislation to protect voting rights, provide small businesses with […]

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In Latest Washington Post Column, The Nation Editor Katrina vanden Heuvel Calls on Progressives to Take Fight to States, Highlights SiX’s Work

November 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

In her latest column for the Washington Post, Katrina vanden Heuvel – editor and publisher of The Nation – called on progressives to take their fight to the states, with a Trump presidency looming. “A state-based strategy also represents the best and perhaps only opportunity to advance progressive policy goals in the near term,” vanden […]

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Some New Faces on the SiX Team

October 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

When three groups merged in late 2014 to form the State Innovation Exchange (SiX), the purpose of this consolidation was clear: we wanted to build an organization that was uniquely positioned to help legislators drive a progressive agenda forward in states across the country. And that’s exactly what we are doing. Today, SiX supports a […]

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SiX Releases 2016 End-of-Session Legislative Report

July 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

As we look back at 2016 legislative activity in statehouses across the country, and as partisan gridlock in Washington keeps Congress at a standstill, it’s clear the most important policy fights have shifted to the states. This year, progressives and conservatives continued to battle at the state level over laws that will impact our lives […]

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