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Elected officials and staff across the country are writing legislation that will shape our future. At SiX, we provide trusted, expert resources to inform and enhance that work. More

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SiX Calls On Governor Jindal to Focus on State Economy, Not Divisive Identity Politics Governor Jindal’s anti-LGBTQ religious refusal Executive Order will further damage Louisiana’s economy More
State Innovation Exchange Teams up with Economic Policy Institute and EARN to Promote Policy Agenda to Raise Wages Partnership will add policy-making muscle to SiX’s push to support progressive state legislators and keep working Americans out of poverty More
State Innovation Exchange (SiX) Hires Veteran Grassroots Union Organizer as National Political Director Sean Hinga joins fast-growing organization dedicated to moving progressive agenda in the states More

States Count


civilians employed by state and local governments — 7 times as many as the federal government.


more laws enacted by state legislatures than Congress.


new state laws were enacted in 2013.

$2 Trillion

spent by states each year on programs and services to support their residents.

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