At Five Years Old, Who is SiX Today?

April 2019 in , ,

We, the State Innovation Exchange (SiX), are a policy resource and strategy center that provides progressive state legislators the tools, resources, and supports they need to fight back against wealthy and well-connected special interests, while making positive changes in the lives of the people they represent.

At five years old, SiX has transformed since our founding in 2014. While we started as a merger of the Center for State Innovation, the Progressive States Network, and the American Legislative and Issue Campaign Exchange (ALICE), today we are better than our parts, and our work looks very different. We are now headed by the Hon. Jessie Ulibarri, former Colorado State Senator and progressive community leader. Our guiding mission remains the same: to help progressives build lasting power at the state level.

To the question we get asked more than any other—are we the liberal version of ALEC?

No, we are not the liberal version of ALEC—we’re better. ALEC is a pay-to-play model, designed by wealthy special interests to rig the state legislative process for their gain and benefit – while destroying our democracy in the process. So no, we’re not ALEC and we don’t aspire to be. Instead, we exist to advance a bold people-centered policy vision in every state in this nation.

We don’t operate like ALEC. We don’t take corporate money and don’t require legislators to pay dues to work with us. We’re also not a “bill mill” that churns out copycat legislation for corporate interests. Instead, we share cutting-edge policy research from issue experts and provide customized technical assistance, in service of building progressive people power. 

Since our inception, we’ve heard countless times that legislators don’t need national organizations to parachute in and offer copycat legislation – just to pick up and leave the next day. As under-resourced public servants, state legislators need enduring support every day of the year. As such, SiX works in close coordination with legislators, advocacy groups, think tanks, and activists to drive responsive and powerful public policy. We provide policy tools, communication products, research, trainings, convenings, technical assistance, strategic consulting and advice, with a particular focus on the dynamics in each state, empowering legislators and building enduring progressive movement power over time. Our growing in-state and issue-based staff shows how committed we are to providing lasting and personalized support for state legislators.

We’re focused on supporting the most progressive, diverse, and exciting group of state legislators our country has seen. We’re helping them to make true the promises made to their constituents.

If you have additional questions about SiX, contact katy@stateinnovation.org