What issues does SiX work on?

We work on the full spectrum of progressive issues, at the request of and in service of our legislators. We work alongside partners and legislators to support efforts to:

  • Strengthen our democracy
  • Fight for working families
  • Advance reproductive freedom
  • Defend civil rights and liberties
  • Protect the environment

Our first three issue programs, which provide specialized resources and technical assistance to train, elevate, and support legislators, are the Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council (RFLC), the Democracy Project, and the Agriculture and Food Systems Program.

How long has SiX been around?

SiX formed when three smaller groups merged in 2014: the Center for State Innovation, the Progressive States Network, and the American Legislative and Issue Campaign Exchange (ALICE).

What states is SiX most active in? Do you have state staff?

SiX works with a network of progressive legislators across all 50 states, because we know that progressive policies are supported in every corner of this country. SiX has on-the-ground State Directors in ten states—Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Washington—who provide deeply tailored support to legislators, especially on issues of democracy and economy.

Does SiX spend money on elections?

No. SiX is a 501c3, and we’re a values-based nonpartisan. SiX works with legislators who are already in office.

However, SiX does have a 501c4, SiX Action, that is set up to do issue advocacy work. SiX doesn’t endorse candidates, but our 501c4 arm may advocate for or against specific legislation.

Where does SiX get funding?

SiX is funded by foundations, individual donors, and progressive allies. We do not accept corporate donations.

What role does SiX play in the progressive movement? 

Getting elected to office isn’t the finish line, it’s the starting line. While many organizations work to get people elected to office, SiX gives them the tools and building blocks they need to succeed once they’ve arrived. SiX tailors those tools and building blocks to give each legislator or caucus specialized resources based on individual needs and robust state dynamics.

Is SiX the liberal version of ALEC?

No, we are not—we’re better. ALEC is a pay-to-play model, designed by wealthy special interests to rig the state legislative process for their gain and benefit – while destroying our democracy in the process. So no, we’re not ALEC and we don’t aspire to be. Instead, we exist to advance a bold, people-centered policy vision in every state in this nation.

We don’t operate like ALEC. We don’t take corporate money and don’t require legislators to pay dues to work with us. Our resources are provided for free to our legislative network.

We know that policy alone won’t fix our democracy and economy, so we take a “policy plus” approach–we develop and share policy research from issue experts, as well as communications, strategy, connections with movement partners, and other types of support that legislators need.

What can I do to support SiX?

Sign up for our email list to receive regular updates on SiX’s work – including the latest news from the states and ways you can get involved. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Additionally, we are always grateful for donations from our supporters, which help us continue to move this work forward.

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