Become a part of CROP: SiX’s Agriculture Cohort

March 2020 in ,

We wondered: Do SiX legislators want or need program-specific resources to help engage in rural, agricultural or local foods policy?

Our staff criss-crossed the country, traveled to your states, spoke with some of you over the phone, connected with your colleagues, reached out to your partners and the verdict is in:

SiX legislators not only need, but are EAGER to have resources developed specifically to support you as a progressive champion to engage in rural and agriculture policy-making.  

So we created CROP: the Cohort for Rural Opportunity and Prosperity, and we’re providing you with those resources. Whether you are a policy maker who is an expert and passionate about rural and agricultural issues or if you are brand new to these topics looking to learn more and connect with others working in the same space, we invite you to join the Cohort for Rural Opportunity and Prosperity (CROP).

Join CROP: SiX’s Agricultural Cohort

CROP is an internal group that is being developed in coordination with steering committee of amazing legislators (who you’ll hear more about in coming days!) to ensure that the resources developed meet the needs on the ground in states. This Cohort is intended to be a safe space for you to learn, connect and get the support you need to be a progressive champion for regenerative agriculture, soil health, local food economies, family farms and everything food and “farmy” in between! 

By joining this new and growing cohort, you will have access to issue-specific resources, information about happenings in other states, the opportunity to connect with elected officials in other areas doing similar work, and you will have the opportunity to connect with farmers, ranchers and partner organizations who you likely are not always hearing from.  We will also be hosting opportunities that bring together partners and legislators for shared-learning and deeper strategic collaboration. 

Join us!