COVID Resources: Reproductive Health Care

August 20, 2020 in , ,

COVID-19 poses specific threats to reproductive health care access and needs; further, some states have taken advantage of the crisis to play politics and restrict abortion care access. But research shows that even in the midst of COVID—and despite disinformation spread by the anti-choice opposition—people continue to oppose restricting access to reproductive freedom.  Always work […]

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COVID Resources: Health Care

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In addition to the risks to individuals’ physical health, the COVID-19 pandemic affects every health care system in the United States (medical, public health, insurance) and each of their corresponding workforces. State legislatures have a responsibility and opportunity to ensure that these systems are operating effectively and equitably for the health of all people.  Resources: […]

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As State Legislature Goes Into Special Session, New Poll Shows Nevadans Support Action on Threats Created by COVID Crisis

July 31, 2020 in , , , , , ,

Strong support for bold policy solutions to help working families and ensure the safety and accessibility of elections As the Nevada state legislature is set to begin a special session to address COVID-19 related issues, a recent poll commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) shows Nevada voters hold deep concerns over the risk that […]

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North Carolinians Supported Economic Reform Even Before the COVID-19 Crisis

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A recent poll commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) shows North Carolina voters held deep concerns over pocketbook economic issues and support for progressive policy solutions even before the full impact of COVID-19 was felt. The poll showed that North Carolinians believe that the government should play a constructive role in people’s economic lives.   […]

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Fighting Back Against Anti-Transgender Legislation in the States

February 28, 2020 in , ,

The bad news: Across the country, there’s been a rise in hateful legislation that attacks the basic dignity and humanity of transgender youth. The good news: These bills have already been stopped in states including South Dakota and Florida, and there are resources to help in every state!  Jessie Ulibarri, SiX Co-Executive Director teamed up with Chase Strangio […]

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Health Care Messaging Strategy Briefing for Colorado Legislators

February 18, 2020 in ,

Application for Interested Legislators Join SiX for a strategy meeting on Tuesday, February 18th, from 11:00-12:00 at the Colorado State Capitol. SiX is excited to bring nationally renowned pollster Celinda Lake to Denver to support legislators on health care messaging. Celinda will present national-level health care research and work with legislators on adapting her findings […]

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New Maine Focus Group Results Show Support for Progressive Ideas from the Legislature

January 17, 2020 in , ,

Recently concluded focus groups built on polling conducted last year and reveal Mainers strongly support many of the policies the state legislature has recently passed or considered with residents most supportive of legislation to make prescription drugs more affordable, ones that will hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for the opioid crisis, and establishing more protections for […]

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Action on Health Care Affordability Is a Top Priority for Coloradans

January 13, 2020 in , , , ,

New poll reveals strong support for a public option plan and prescription drug affordability board VOTERS SUPPORT HEALTH CARE REFORMS AND TAX SAVINGS FOR WORKING FAMILIES A recent poll conducted by Strategies 360 for the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) shows that voters strongly support progressive solutions to make health care more affordable and put more […]

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For Second Year in a Row, Health Care Tops the List of Issues Floridians Want the State Legislature to Act Upon

January 9, 2020 in , ,

Poll also highlights voters’ concerns about pocketbook economic issues A recent poll commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) shows Floridians are concerned about health care and other pocketbook economic issues.  Polling demonstrates strong support for progressive policy solutions to these challenges facing Florida families. Voters Support Action on Health Care  Florida voters prioritize action […]

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Health care costs, support for working people top concerns in new Michigan poll

December 5, 2019 in , , , ,

Key Findings from Michigan Statewide Polls for the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) reveal strong support for action on health care affordability, economic justice, and election security Voters support health care reforms and progressive economic initiatives A recent poll conducted by Lincoln Park Strategies for SiX shows that economic concerns around the skyrocketing cost of health […]

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Mainers Concerned About Economy and Health Care, Support the Recent Actions Taken in the 2019 Legislative Session

August 6, 2019 in , , , ,

A recent poll commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) shows Mainers are concerned about pocketbook economic issues, the affordability of health care, and education. Mainers also support recent state legislative actions to address these issues and the direction Maine is going after the 2019 legislative session. Legislators took significant steps in the 2019 session […]

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Progressives Fight for Sunrise Agenda in Stormy Legislative Session

May 6, 2019 in , , , ,

By James Chan, Florida State Director Progressive legislators and partners kicked off the 2019 legislative session with a bold Sunrise Agenda focused on the economy, affordable health care, education, the environment and a welcoming Florida.   But during the legislative session, conservatives, who control both chambers, refused to debate the priorities that Floridians identify as […]

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Progressive Victories in the Maryland Legislature

April 10, 2019 in , , , , , ,

During this year’s legislative session, progressive Maryland state lawmakers secured victories on policies to put more money in the pockets of working people, lower the cost of health care, care for our environment, improve access to early and higher education, strengthen our democracy and more. Highlights of legislation passed by the General Assembly include: A […]

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