COVID Resources: Health Care

August 20, 2020

In addition to the risks to individuals’ physical health, the COVID-19 pandemic affects every health care system in the United States (medical, public health, insurance) and each of their corresponding workforces. State legislatures have a responsibility and opportunity to ensure that these systems are operating effectively and equitably for the health of all people. 


  • Health Data
    • CDC guidance on COVID-19 symptoms and protection are updated regularly (Spanish version)
    • Kaiser Family Foundation keeps an up-to-date tracker of state data (cases, deaths, and tests)
    • The American Public Health Association hosts a series of evidence-based webinars on the science behind COVID-19 for the benefit of policymakers, public health/health care officials, and the general public 
  • State Policy Trackers 
    • Create and download custom state policy reports on the Kaiser Family Foundation 
    • Select from several health care policy categories in NCSL’s state actions database for summaries of state legislation on COVID-19 (both bill content and legislative progress)
  • Insurance Regulations and Coverage 
    • This comprehensive COVID-19 resource page from Community Catalyst includes policy options and messaging tools, including general and state-specific social media graphics
    • Track state plan amendments and other administrative actions to address COVID-19 on KFF’s Medicaid Emergency Authority tracker 
    • The Commonwealth Fund’s map of state coverage policies has a dropdown of actions that go beyond the federal minimum or existing state standards
    • 8 recommendations for Medicaid and CHIP from State Health and Value Strategies 
    • State Examples: 
      • Louisiana and New Jersey enacted similar laws that waives or lowers cost-sharing for COVID-19 testing and treatment 
      • Ohio introduced a bill that would temporarily waive certain Medicaid requirements and expand financial eligibility to 200% for adults 
      • North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Kansas, and Florida made efforts to expand their state’s Medicaid plan 

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