At the intersection of state capitols and grassroots movements, the Democracy Project builds people power by developing, expanding, and deepening the capacity of state legislators to protect and fight for a democracy that reflects and serves “We, the People.”

Progress towards this vision is rooted in our purpose of cultivating a diverse, national cohort of legislative champions with policy research, messaging guidance, strategic support, and by bridging partnerships between legislators, democracy advocates, and directly impacted communities.

Our vision is to build an inclusive, transparent, participatory, and equitable democracy of, by, and for the people.

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In-State and Virtual Trainings and Briefings
SiX trains and briefs legislators on democracy policy and communications topics, both formally and informally. Depending on your needs, briefings can include our democracy partners or communications experts.

Policy & Messaging Technical Assistance
SiX provides policy research and messaging guidance on a broad range of democracy issues: from census and redistricting, to voter registration reform, and more. Email us to request policy resources, legislative research, talking points, or other communications materials tailored to support your work on democracy.

Bill Trend Analyses
Democracy Champions have exclusive access to bill trend analyses on democracy issues across the nation.

Connections to Peers
SiX connects Democracy Champions to other legislators who have spearheaded key democracy policies in their own states. Legislators can exchange information and lessons on policy design, communications, and legislative strategy.

Connections to Experts and Advocates
SiX directly connects Democracy Champions with our partners in the democracy field—helping you take your policy knowledge and design to the next level.

Communications & Media Support
Through sign-on letters, op-eds, social media, and general communications support, SiX provides opportunities to strengthen your collective voice as legislators on democracy issues.

Apply to the SiX Democracy Cohort

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