Economic Power Project

SiX’s Economic Power Project is SiX's national economic justice initiative, organizing legislators committed to building economies that empower people and advance justice. We recognize that the concentration of corporate and billionaire power in the economy did not happen by accident nor is it the result of inevitable forces. That harmful concentration of economic and political power is a product of deliberate policy choices over decades. At SiX, we know another world is possible – where our economies center people, not corporate and billionaire profits. And that world starts in the states. 

SiX’s Economic Power Project supports legislators and grassroots partners through cross-state organizing on issues such as tax justice, anti-monopoly, and worker power. We build shared power between legislators and communities most impacted by policy choices. We facilitate peer to peer learning among legislators, provide coalition support (both in-state and cross-state), coordinate media campaigns, share the latest narrative and messaging resources, and connect legislators and partners through key relationships (whether connecting legislators across states, connecting national partners to state partners, connecting legislators or partners, state and federal alignment, etc.).

We also know this policy area is dynamic and constantly evolving; SiX’s Economic Power Project not only monitors economic justice innovations and tracks cross-state threats and anti-economic freedom legislation moving in the states, but also facilitates legislators and partners in sharing the skills, lessons, strategic tactics, messaging, and governance practices necessary to build people-centered economies. 

There is opportunity in every single state to build people-centered economic power. Join us. 

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