State Government for the People: SiX Principles for State Management of Federal Funds
February 14, 2023

Each year, state and local governments collectively receive and spend billions in federal funds, which accounted for 40.5% of all state spending in 2021, to provide important services to the public. Federal law and regulation establish some restrictions on the use of federal grants to varying degrees, but state lawmakers have considerable power to leverage federal funds in support of the public services that guarantee all families the opportunity to thrive.

This publication offers a blueprint to state legislators for a values-based approach to managing federal funds from the planning, policymaking, and implementation stages. By working together with advocates and communities, state lawmakers can ensure that we have the resources to deliver quality schools, affordable healthcare, and public services that make communities stronger.

Screen recorded preview of the microsite for state government for the people: six principles for state management of federal funds

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