Health care costs, support for working people top concerns in new Michigan poll

December 5, 2019

Voters support health care reforms and progressive economic initiatives

A recent poll conducted by Lincoln Park Strategies for SiX shows that economic concerns around the skyrocketing cost of health care and prescription drugs remain key issues for Michigan residents. It highlights that progressive policy solutions like addressing the abuses of drug companies, capping copays, and demanding more transparency are priorities for voters and would make a real difference for Michigan families.

Voters continue to support working people when it comes to measures that expand eligibility for overtime protections, prevent wage theft and payroll fraud, and create a student bill of rights for higher education loan borrowers. They also favor corporations paying their fair share of taxes, particularly as the state continues to grapple with finding enough revenue to invest in priorities like roads and schools.

Residents want action to improve election security

The survey also explored attitudes around the status of election security, openness to further voting reforms, and census participation. Michigan residents value more secure election systems and expect state lawmakers to address it. A majority of respondents supports taking the reforms approved by voters last year a step further by automatically mailing a ballot to all voters. A plurality are also interested in using the new online option for participating in the census next year.

For the polling on health care and economic issues, see more results here and analysis here. For the polling analysis on election security and the census, see here

Survey Methodology

  • 1,200 total interviews among registered voters were conducted from November 7-18, 2019
  • Interviews were conducted online, and over the phone (both landline and cell phones)
  • Results were weighted to ensure proportional response.
  • The margin of error for overall results is ±2.8%  at the 95% confidence level. This number is higher for subgroups.

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