Health Care Messaging Strategy Briefing for Colorado Legislators

February 18, 2020

Application for Interested Legislators

Join SiX for a strategy meeting on Tuesday, February 18th, from 11:00-12:00 at the Colorado State Capitol. SiX is excited to bring nationally renowned pollster Celinda Lake to Denver to support legislators on health care messaging. Celinda will present national-level health care research and work with legislators on adapting her findings to a Colorado audience. This is an open invitation to state legislators to participate – all state legislators are welcome to apply. SiX encourages applicants to apply based on their belief and support for policies that ensure economic security for working families, an open and accessible democracy, affordable and accessible health care, and safe schools and communities. Given that there are limited spaces in this training, we will prioritize applicants with a demonstrated commitment to these issues and highly encourage diverse candidates to apply.

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