New Resource: Surprise Medical Billing Policy Playbook.

March 30, 2020

SiX has just released our Surprise Medical Billing Policy Playbook.

Surprise medical billing refers to when a consumer is unaware that health care services will be charged at out-of-network rates, whether by their insurer or by the out-of-network provider. For example, if a patient receives emergency care at an out-of-network hospital or care from an out-of network provider at an in-network hospital, they could receive a surprise medical bill.

As we face the first global pandemic of the 21st Century, our nation confronts a health care system that is not prepared to deal with an infectious disease at this scale. One of the many challenges we face will be patients who delay or defer care because they are unsure if their visit to a testing facility, urgent care center or emergency room will result in a surprise bill, not covered by their insurance.

These bills can be astronomical and show up despite the consumer's best efforts to obtain covered medical care. During the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent economic downturn, the last thing anyone needs is a surprise medical bill for thousands of dollars. Find out how you can protect your state from surprise medical bills here. 

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