State Gender Policy Collective

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The State Innovation Exchange and the National Women's Law Center launched the State Gender Policy Collective (SGPC) to deepen and expand policy, research, and communications support and cross-state collaboration for state policymakers and leaders advancing gender justice across all states.

The Collective will harness the power of state policymakers and leaders to advance gender justice across the country. Working across movements, across states, and with community leaders, Collective members will advocate for a future where everyone in every state can thrive.

The Collective will support state policymakers with research, policy, and messaging resources and trainings and facilitate cross-state peer learning and collaboration. Together, Collective members in both states that are working to expand gender justice and states that are seeking to restrict it will achieve historic policy change and shift narratives around key gender justice issues—including child care, economic justice, health care and reproductive rights, workplace and education justice, and LGBTQ+ rights.

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