Polling Shows Overwhelming Support for Laws That Help Families Thrive

February 11, 2019

Recent polls coordinated by SiX in states across the country show that state policies that will help families thrive are overwhelmingly popular. SiX tested support for policies that would ensure equal pay, overtime pay, paid sick leave, paid family leave and childcare funding in North Carolina, Maine, Washington, Arizona, Virginia, Maryland and Colorado. Those opposed? Wealthy special interests.

Equal Pay

Equal pay is supported by 84% of North Carolina voters, 79% in Maine and 92% in Washington. In all of these states, voters understand that wages have not kept up with the cost of living and, for women and people of color, the wage gap exacerbates that challenge.

Overtime Pay

After concerns from people in their states, several legislators are advocating laws to strengthen overtime pay for workers who work more than eight hours a day or 40 per week. Voters in North Carolina (84%), Maine (79%), Washington (92%) and Arizona (90%) strongly support these stronger laws.

Earned Paid Sick Leave

Voters in North Carolina (73%) and Maine (70%) believe workers should have access to paid sick leave.

Paid Family Leave

The federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was passed 26 years ago, ensuring many American workers don’t lose their job when caring for family members, including the birth or adoption of a child. Voters believe they shouldn’t lose their paychecks while they take care of themselves or their loved ones. Respondents in Maryland (83%), Virginia (84%) and Arizona (83%) support paid family leave.

Child Care Funding

More and more data shows a crisis for families trying to make ends meet and accessing child care amid rising costs. Voters understand that a strong workforce must include helping workers with child care costs. Some families must leave their jobs in order to care for their children because the cost of childcare exceeds the income of one parent. In single-parent households, this is not an option. When businesses lose workers to child care, they lose institutional memory and expertise and must deal with unnecessary turnover. Voters in North Carolina (72%), Maine (68%), and Washington (77%) support increased funding for childcare to support both families and businesses.


The opioid epidemic gripping our nation is of great concern for voters.  Policies that address the crisis through education and funding are strongly supported by voters in Colorado (74%), North Carolina (8.0/10), and Virginia (8.0/10).  

Voters also want state legislatures to address the rising cost of  healthcare. Across the country voters support policies like Medicaid buy-in Arizona (69%), Colorado (78%), Maine (6.89/10), Virginia (7.5/10) and North Carolina (7.4/10).

Funding Public Education

Voters view access to a world-class public education as necessary for opening doors and leveling the playing field for future generations. Voters in Maryland (72%) and North Carolina (7.7/10) support the expansion of  Pre-K programs and voters in Arizona (85%) and Maine (8.13/10) support strengthening funding for public education.

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