January 24, 2022

As Florida Legislature Convenes, New Poll Shows COVID and Pocketbook Issues Top Voters' Concerns

Voters prefer policy solutions that provide relief to workers and families and investments in future

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Contact: James Chan, SiX Florida State Director (407) 789-5137

Tallahassee, FL: New polling commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) shows Florida voters are concerned over the impact of COVID-19 and pocketbook issues.  As Florida continues to feel the impact of the pandemic, voters strongly prefer that the state expend resources on struggling families, businesses, schools and healthcare systems (63% support) rather than pursue a path of austerity.

“When the legislature reconvenes, Floridians want policies that help them deal with the fallout from this pandemic,” said James Chan, SiX Florida State Director.  “They want money spent where it matters, they want to be the priority and to have investments in our future-- schools, paid leave, medicaid expansion, not more tax breaks for the wealthy and well connected.” 

Floridians want the state legislature to take bold action on policies to help working people. Proposals tested included:

  • Florida voters responded that benefits like paid sick and family leave are better for Florida’s economy than fewer mandates on businesses, 63% think more benefits are better, 22% think fewer mandates are better;
  •  Floridians want action on the Homeowners Bill of Rights,  82% support, 3% oppose; and
  • Expansion of Medicaid, 62% support, 23% oppose.

The poll again this year finds strong support for the legislature to take action to raise the needed revenue. Policy ideas tested included:

  • Raising taxes on tobacco and vaping product, 71% support;
  • Closing corporate tax loopholes, 68% support;
  • Legalize and tax the sale of marijuana, 66% support
  • Increase the corporate income tax rate for large corporations in Florida, 66% support;
  • Legalize and tax sports betting in Florida, 66% support; and
  • Create a carbon tax paid by companies based on how much carbon they emit, 61% support.

Voters also express strong support for proposals to protect Florida’s environment. Top proposals:

  • Protect Florida from overdevelopment, 80% support;
  • Make polluters pay, 80% support; and
  • Prevent Red Tides, 79% support.

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