January 11, 2018

COSMO: How State Legislators Across the Country Are Joining Forces to Fight for Reproductive Rights

"Amid crackdowns on abortion access nationwide, Shannon and more than 200 other state legislators across the country have signed on to a new Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council launched on Thursday by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX), a nonprofit policy and resource center for progressive state legislators. The council’s objective is to put reproductive rights at the forefront of progressives’ — and the country’s — agenda.

"'The goal is to send the message that despite the 401 state-level abortion restrictionsthat have been passed into law since 2011, we do have leaders at the state level who are willing to stand up and fight for our rights,' says Kelly Baden, SiX’s director of reproductive rights.

"The council aims to bring state legislators from Oregon to Virginia together in pursuit of that common goal, and ensure that liberal legislators in Alabama — who might not have as many allies in the statehouse — are connected to progressives in states like Vermont. The alliance hopes to keep lawmakers updated on the latest reproductive rights legislation and other related news, as well as help them talk about the issue differently. A big focus, Baden says, is reframing the issue of reproductive rights as not just a constitutional right, but a personal one, too."

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