February 8, 2018

NBC News: State Democrats stood against Trump. Now they want to show what they stand for.

"But this week, as part of a concerted effort to be viewed as more than just part of the anti-Trump "Resistance," lawmakers in all 50 states are going on offense. Over the course of the week, they've unveiled rafts of progressive legislation, held town halls, delivered speeches and staged rallies, all aimed at moving the ball forward on an array of economic and domestic priorities.

"'Legislatures still want to be a part of the resistance, but much more than last year, they're really focusing on the things that are priorities for their constituents,' said Sam Munger, director for strategic engagement of the State Innovation Exchange (SIX), a progressive policy shop.

"SIX, which organized the initiative with the help of more than two dozen nonprofits, dubbed it "#FightingForFamilies Week of Action." At least 100 bills — including proposals to expand paid family leave and medical leave, increase the minimum wage and provide affordable community college — are expected to be introduced during legislative sessions in Statehouses across the U.S., the group said."

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