January 18, 2023

New Poll Finds Majority of Coloradans Support Fair Workweek Protections

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Wednesday, January 18, 2022

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New Poll Finds Majority of Coloradans Support Fair Workweek Protections

Poll finds across party lines and across the state, Coloradans are highly supportive of fair workweek protections including advance notice of work schedules

Denver, CO – With the legislators sworn in and the State of the State delivered, the 2023 legislative session is in full swing. A poll conducted by Strategies 360 on behalf of the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) examined opinions on a number of issues that legislators may tackle with new majorities. These findings unequivocally show that Coloradans support fair workweek protections that would enable workers to know their work schedules 14 days in advance, and giving them the opportunity to provide greater input into their schedules ensuring they have the ability to better plan for childcare, pursuing their education, or even having a second job.

When asked directly about support for the Fair Workweek Protections:

  • Three quarters of voters support with 41% strongly supporting
  • 89% of Democrats support this policy
  • 72% of Independents support this policy
  • 59% of Republicans support this policy

“Coloradans want the right to know when they are going to be scheduled for work. Providing predictable schedules is good for both Colorado workers and businesses. Workers who have a greater say in their schedule are happier, healthier, and more productive – helping retention and creating a stronger, more reliable workforce,” said Maggie Gómez, SiX Colorado State Director. “Employees can face retaliation for simply asking for schedule changes or because they cannot work shifts added last minute.This policy strikes the balance of fairness for both workers and employers. It makes sure that employers continue to have the ability to make scheduling changes, but workers and employers would work together to create a schedule that fits both of their needs.”

After hearing more details about the proposal and messages that are both supportive and in opposition to the policy, approval remains steadfast with 70% of people still supportive.

Links to these results can be found here. Strategies 360 conducted a mixed-mode survey among 500 registered voters in Colorado. Interviews were conducted December 6-11, 2022. A combination of online interviews via text message and web panel were used to ensure greater coverage of the population sampled. The margin of error for a survey of 500 interviews is ±4.4% at the 95% confidence level. The margin of error is higher for subsamples.


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