January 25, 2024

New Poll Shows Georgians Overwhelmingly Support Investments in Medicaid Expansion, Paid Leave, and Maternal Healthcare

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January 25, 2024 

Contact: Alaina Reaves, alaina@stateinnovation.org

The poll reveals broad consensus among Georgians on crucial statewide issues

Atlanta, GA – A state-wide poll conducted by HIT Strategies on behalf of a coalition of partners led by State Innovation Exchange including 9to5 Georgia, New Georgia Project, Amplify Georgia Collaborative, and The Southern Economic Advancement Project finds that the majority of Georgians who are registered to vote support medicaid expansion, paid family medical leave, and abortion access. The poll also found most Georgians across all backgrounds prefer investing in services for their communities over keeping taxes low for the wealthy and big corporations. Most voters also prefer to see the surplus invested in services over given as tax rebates.

Toplines from the survey included:

  • Most voters in Georgia would prefer to see the state government invest the surplus in public services over giving tax rebates to families and businesses (57%-to-43%). This is especially popular with voters of color and young voters.
  • 56% of voters find childcare unaffordable, and over 79% support investments that will eliminate the childcare affordability crisis. 60% of Georgia voters support expanding access to paid family leave. 
  • Medicaid expansion is very popular in Georgia with 75% of voters saying they support expanding Medicaid access in Georgia. This is especially popular with Black voters (88% support). Most voters also support expanding Medicaid support to cover maternal healthcare like screening and services during and after pregnancy.
  • 82% of Georgians believe that the government should NOT stand in the way of someone's decision to have an abortion. Georgians are also concerned that under the state's 6-week abortion ban they could be criminalized for miscarriage (82%) or denied access to life-saving pregnancy care because their provider fears prosecution (81%). Only 16% of Georgians think that abortion should be illegal.
  • In thinking about the upcoming state budget, voters strongly support priorities that will make their lives more affordable. Top priorities include affordable housing (46%), healthcare (39%), and education (26%). Majorities of voters also strongly support improving funding for elderly care (54% strongly support) and increasing access to affordable healthcare and prescription drugs (59% strongly support).

Polling partner organizations offered the following statements:

State Innovation Exchange: “It is imperative that Georgians’ voices are heard during the legislative session, especially before legislators finalize the budget. Georgians want public funding for healthcare, housing, and education, not tax rebates or more tax breaks for wealthy corporations,” said Alaina Reaves, Georgia State Director for SiX

9to5 Georgia: “The voters have spoken. Although most Georgians continue to struggle with the cost of inflation, our latest research shows that over 70% of people believe that public money should fund public services. The citizens of Georgia deserve an overdue investment in high-quality childcare and education, as well as access to paid leave and high-quality, affordable healthcare. Georgia’s workforce, which is made predominantly of women, should not have to choose between caring for themselves and their loved ones, and missing a day of pay,” said Jasmine Bowles, Executive State Director of 9to5 Georgia. 

New Georgia Project: "Black registered voters have made their priorities clear,” said Ranada Robinson, Research Director at New Georgia Project. "They want Medicaid expansion, they want more affordable housing, and they want marijuana reform—changes that would directly benefit their lives and communities. Our legislators need to listen to Black Georgians and other communities who have been left out and deprioritized for too long. Supporting these issues will help all Georgians live healthier, safer lives."

Amplify Georgia Collaborative: “The data is clearer than ever. Georgians support abortion access,” says Allison Coffman, Executive Director of the Amplify Georgia Collaborative. “Over 80% of Georgians want the government to stop interfering in our reproductive health care and instead trust pregnant individuals to decide what is best for themselves and their families. Georgia legislators who pursue and uphold restrictive abortion laws are wildly out of step with the desires of Georgia voters. It is time for elected officials to listen to their constituents and return the personal decision to seek reproductive care, including abortion care, to the people.” 

SEAP: “The recent poll results in Georgia clearly demonstrate a strong public desire for progressive policy changes. Georgians overwhelmingly support Medicaid expansion - a critical need in this time of medicaid unwinding and uncertainty for many. It's time for policies that echo the public's demand for fairness and equity. SEAP stands ready to champion these pivotal changes,” said Genny Castillo, SEAP’s Regional Engagement Director

A link to access results can be found here and here. The statewide survey included interviews of 1,000 registered voters using an online panel with oversamples of 75 AAPI registered voters and 75 Latino registered voters. The survey was conducted December 14 – 21, 2023. The margin of error for the poll is +/- 3.36%.


About SIX

The State Innovation Exchange (SiX) is a national resource and strategy center that collaborates with state legislators to improve people’s lives through transformative public policy. SiX provides legislators with on-the-ground support; creates tailored policy research, trainings, and communications guidance; and fosters collaboration between legislators—across chambers, across regions, and across state lines—and with grassroots movements.

About 9to5, National Association of Working Women

9to5 Georgia is the statewide chapter of the National Association of Working Women, a national non-profit organization fighting for economic freedom for all women, particularly women of color. For over 50 years, 9to5 has advocated for equitable workplace policies. 9to5 has been at the forefront of the fight for expanded childcare, pay equity, paid sick days, family leave, and discrimination free workplaces. Most recently, the 9to5 Working Women’s Agenda has evolved to include housing, environmental, and utilities justice. 

About New Georgia Project

New Georgia Project (NGP) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan civic engagement organization working to build power with and increase the civic participation of the New Georgia Majority—Black, Latinx, AAPI, and young Georgians—and other historically marginalized communities through nonpartisan voter registration, organizing, and advocacy on the issues important to our communities. NGP leads with a research-informed approach and is one of the only organizations in Georgia that consistently conducts statewide polling of Black voters, specifically.

About Amplify Georgia Collaborative

The Amplify Georgia Collaborative (Amplify) is a home for collective, bold, abortion-out-loud programming, grounded in reproductive justice and rooted in the South. Our collaborative is anchored by nine reproductive justice organizations and allies. Together we work to protect and expand abortion access in Georgia through collaborative, issue-based, nonpartisan campaigns that provide education, produce policy wins, and build the power of communities most impacted by abortion restrictions.

About SEAP

The Southern Economic Advancement Project (SEAP) is your partner and resource. SEAP amplifies existing organizations’ and networks’ efforts to broaden economic power and build a more equitable future. Broadening economic power brings attention to how race, class, and gender intersect in social and economic policy in the South. SEAP explores policy ideas designed to address these connections directly. SEAP focuses on 12 Southern states and marginalized/vulnerable populations within the region.

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