February 18, 2021

New Poll Shows Marylanders Broadly Support Bold Revenue Solutions

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ANNAPOLIS, MD  (February 18, 2021) – As the Maryland General Assembly gets to work on funding priorities, a new Maryland poll commissioned by Strong Future Maryland and the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) shows broad support for public investment and bold action on a wide range of issues facing Maryland’s residents. The statewide poll shows overwhelming support for requiring corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share to fund investments in key public priorities.

Maryland voters strongly support greater investments in the state and its residents over austerity measures and lower taxes. Support for austerity barely registers double digits, while two-thirds to more than 7-in-10 voters support public investment. Voters across the political spectrum support public investment to address the COVID-19 pandemic, including investing more resources into families, small businesses, public schools, and health care systems. A number of issues were identified by a majority of voters that require state action including public education, food security, access to health care, paid family and sick leave, affordable childcare, affordable housing, and transportation.

"The results demonstrate that Marylanders believe it is a time for bold policy action, as the legislature works to help families, students, and small businesses struggling across the state," said Ian Pfeiffer, Maryland State Director, SiX.

The poll finds strong support for the legislature to take action to raise the needed revenue. Policy ideas tested included:

  • Closing corporate tax loopholes-- 83% support;
  • Raising income taxes on individuals making more than a million dollars a year-- 79% support;
  • Applying a state tax to multimillion dollar digital advertising campaigns that target Maryland residents on platforms like Facebook and Google- 76% support;
  • Eliminating income tax loopholes for hedge fund and private equity managers-- 76% support;
  • Raising taxes on tobacco and vaping products-- 75% support; and
  • Taxing the legal sale of cannabis-- 75% support.

Support for this progressive revenue agenda is underpinned by a broad sense among Maryland voters that the middle-class and residents from low-income backgrounds are paying too much in state taxes while wealthy families and corporations are paying too little. Additionally, voters overwhelmingly believe that higher taxes on the wealthy and big corporations would benefit working people in the state rather than a trickle-down approach.

The legislature has a tough challenge this session. They are tasked with taking up multiple crises while we’re still in the midst of the pandemic, but we are encouraged by the ambitious legislation being introduced this session including multiple bills to address systemic racism and inequity, tackle climate change, offer new opportunities for revenues, and support for essential workers. We hope these poll results show the legislature and the governor that a majority of Marylanders believe now is the time to be bold. A lack of urgent investment slows down our economic recovery and denies much-needed support for small businesses, students, and healthcare workers,” said Alice Wilkerson, Executive Director of Strong Future Maryland.

Click here for the polling memo and here for the additional information.

The poll was conducted by the firm TargetSmart.


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