March 16, 2022

Poll: Arizonans Continue to Support Progressive Priorities

March 16, 2022

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Contact: Cindy Polo, Senior Communications Director,

Poll: Arizonans Continue to Support Progressive Priorities

A recent poll commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange showed Arizonans continue to support progressive, policy-driven solutions to the problems facing Arizona, even in the face of extremism from the out-of-step, right-wing Arizona State Legislature.

On the economic front, Arizonans indicated a strong preference for investment in people over more tax cuts, especially when it comes to public education and providing rental assistance to those who need it.

  • Arizonans believe state government should prioritize investing money in its residents (62%) over continuing to cut taxes at the expense of public education and infrastructure (26%).
  • Arizonans oppose new tax cuts for corporations by a 51%-43% margin,
  • By a 70%-26% margin, Arizonans continue to support rent assistance for those hit by the pandemic.
  • By a 29-point margin, Arizonans support a new ban on consumer price gouging for common necessities (61%-32%.)

Arizonans are also concerned about the attacks on reproductive healthcare.

  • By a 22-point margin, Arizonans support repealing old laws off the book to make abortion legal in Arizona regardless of what the Supreme Court does on Roe v. Wade (56%-34%)
  • By a 21-point margin, Arizonans oppose new restrictions like the six-week ban on abortion (58%-37%.)

On the democracy front, Arizonans continue to want easy access to voting by mail.
While right-wing lawsuits currently make their way through the courts to abolish voting by mail, Arizonans favor preserving our vote-by-mail system and making early voting more widely accessible by a 65%-27% margin.

The full details of the poll can be found here.

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