February 17, 2023

Poll: Arizonans Continue to Support Smart, Progressive Public Policy

February 17, 2023


Contact: Joaquin Rios, joaquin@stateinnovation.org (480) 229-1895

A recent poll commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange showed Arizonans continue to support progressive policy solutions to the problems facing Arizona. 

On the economic front, overwhelming majorities of Arizonans support common-sense reforms like the creation of a new paid leave (82%), the expansion of Arizona's Medicaid program to include dental care (79%), and the prohibition of rental discrimination against those receiving public assistance (69%). Strong majorities believe wealthy Arizonans are not paying their fair share in taxes (58%) and support increased support for legal aid for those facing evictions (61%).

On abortion, 70 percent believe in protecting access to legal abortion and Arizonans favor repealing the territorial-era ban on abortion by a 38-point margin (67%-39%). Legislation restricting freedom of movement to obtain abortions are underwater by a 62-point margin (17%-79%).

When it comes to attacks on the LGBTQ community, Arizonans firmly stand on the side of LGBTQ Arizonans. Arizonans support protecting access to adoption, freedom from medical discrimination, and access to businesses and other public accommodations by double-digit margins, and a majority of Arizonans support allowing parents of trans kids access to gender-affirming medical care for their child (51%-45%). 

When it comes to protecting Arizona's democracy, massive majorities of Arizonans support making Election Day a holiday (74%), protecting the ability to drop off early ballots on Election Day (83%), and making voting by mail more broadly accessible (68%). 

When it comes to public lands, Arizonans support more funding for the State Heritage Fund by a 70-point margin (83%-13%), support funding to support the Arizona National Scenic Trail by an 89%-8% supermajority, and support measures to invest in climate resiliency by a 44-point margin (70%-26%).

"Across the board, Arizonans believe state government should be pursuing these common-sense progressive policy solutions on a wide spectrum of issues. It will be interesting to see whether the Arizona Legislature works to move the ball forward on some of these challenges facing our state, or remains stuck in the past," said SIX Arizona State Director Joaquin Rios.

The entire findings of the poll can be found here.

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