June 16, 2021

Statement on Michigan Senate GOP Approving Bills to Take Away Safe Voting Options

Latest attack part of coordinated, national effort to harm voters

MICHIGAN - After a vote in the Michigan Senate this morning, the State Innovation Exchange (SiX), issued the following response:

“From states like Georgia to Arizona and now Michigan, extremist right-wing lawmakers are hell-bent on doing the bidding of powerful special interests to take away options from voters,” said Carmen López, SiX Senior Democracy Director. “No matter what you look like or where you live, your freedom to vote should be protected and your voice should be heard through the ballot box. We will continue to work with legislators in Michigan and across the country who are standing up to these assaults on our democracy.”

In the 2021 legislative season, SiX has worked with legislators and state advocates across the country to battle the unprecedented wave of bills that would weaken our democracy and target voters of color. SiX also supports lawmakers working to proactively expand access to voting and increase civic participation.

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