June 21, 2021

Survey Says Child Care A Top Priority for Michigan Economic Recovery

Survey Says Child Care A Top Priority for Michigan Economic Recovery

Poll finds residents want ARP funds spent on families; investment over austerity remains popular

LANSING, Mich. – While the Michigan Legislature debates the best way to move forward from the pandemic, residents clearly prefer investing in priorities like child care, high-speed internet, and infrastructure. A poll conducted by TargetSmart on behalf of the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) examined a number of economic issues and opinions regarding the billions in federal funding coming to the state as a result of the American Rescue Plan (ARP).

“Governor Whitmer and progressive legislators are on the right track by centering working people and families in their drive to get people back to work,” said Tom Lenard, SiX Michigan State Director. “This federal funding presents an opportunity to finally invest in what matters most while highlighting the need for structural, long-lasting reforms that will help Michigan’s economy persevere in the face of any future crisis.”

Seven in ten say that more affordable child care would benefit Michigan’s economy and the same margin believes ARP funds should be spent on high-speed internet improvements.  Other top priorities for investment include:

  • 83% support for low-interest loans for small businesses
  • 80% support for water infrastructure
  • 77% support for expanding mental health services
  • 77% support for helping seniors stay in their homes

“As the Michigan economy continues to recover from the pandemic, this poll shows clearly that Michigan voters have a big appetite for investing in Michigan’s workers and families and view a range of public investments as effective ways to improve the economy, including high-speed internet, affordable child care, job training, workplace safety, and affordable college,” said TargetSmart pollster Ben Lazarus. 

The survey also found that an overwhelming number—87%—thought the state government should have a major role in elections and a plurality of 42% would rather build upon the increased access to voting that took place during the pandemic versus focusing on reforms. Independent respondents preferred investing in people over tax cuts by 25 points . 

See the full results and analysis. Interviews of 695 registered voters were conducted online and by phone (landline and cell) between June 4-9, 2021. Results were weighted to ensure proportional response and the credibility interval is +/- 4% (higher for subgroups).

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