USA Today: Elizabeth Warren to Democrats – Make it clear we’re for working families
December 3, 2016

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Monday that the message of the 2016 election is that Democrats must make it clear that they are the party for working people, not big corporations.

“’If there is any kind of definitive mandate from the American people from the 2016 election, it seems to me it’s to make government work for working families, not for big corporations, not for wealthy interests,’ she said, drawing multiple standing ovations at the State Innovation Exchange annual conference. ‘We are the party on the side of working people. That’s what we have to make clear.’

“The exchange promotes progressive policies at the state level. Warren said progressive state lawmakers, in many cases, will be on the front lines of the fight against Trump and the Republican Party’s ‘destructive’ policies, aimed voter suppression, restrictions on access to abortion and women’s health services, crackdowns on immigration, rollbacks on LGBTQ and labor rights and environmental protections.”

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