For Third Year in a Row, Arizonans Reject Trickle-Down Policies in Favor of Investment in Education and Health Care
February 13, 2020

Phoenix, AZ: A recent poll commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) shows Arizonans reject trickle-down economics and support pro-worker policies, greater access to the ballot, and solutions to make Arizona a cleaner and greener state. Overwhelmingly, voters want investment in health care and education (72%) over more tax cuts to individuals and businesses (12%). Furthermore, voters want tax surpluses invested in these core services (66%) or saved in a rainy day fund (17%) more than they want them given to businesses (12%).

Voters Want Action on a Pro-Worker Agenda

Voters want action on policies that will put money into the paychecks of Arizona’s working families. Polling shows strong support for policies including:

  • Expanded overtime protections including salaried workers: 88% support
  • Require Arizona employers to provide paid family leave: 83% support

Voters Prioritize Greater Access to the Ballot

Arizona voters prioritize access to voting and support everyone’s right and responsibility to fulfill their civic duty. The poll shows very strong support for policies to:

  • Restore voting rights to felons who have completed their sentence: 75% support
  • Enshrine the right to vote in the Arizona Constitution: 73% support

Voters Want a Greener and Cleaner State

Almost unanimously Arizonans believe investing in public lands is critical to the future of the state (86% support). Voters also strongly support policy solutions that lead to long-term environmental preservation:

  • Restore funding for the Arizona State Parks Heritage Fund: 79% support
  • Create low-emission solutions to meet Clean Air standards: 75% support
  • Expand electric vehicle infrastructure: 63% support

Click here to see the complete poll memo and here to see a presentation of the results.



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