NBC News: Divided Democrats Seek Answers to Trump in the States
October 26, 2017

“Progressive state legislators are trying to counter President Donald Trump — by taking a page out of the conservative playbook.

“A group called the State Innovation Exchange (SIX) is raising its profile to lead efforts in Statehouses around the country, supporting lawmakers in advancing progressive policies and beating back Trump-influenced agendas locally. Formed in late 2014 after the merger of three smaller groups, SIX fashions itself as the liberal antidote to the influential American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a well-funded conservative machine for Republican state-level legislation.

“SIX’s goal is to become a policy shop of sorts for progressive state lawmakers looking for proposals and solutions on issues like climate change, paid parental leave, criminal justice reform and the minimum wage — but its members are sharply divided on which issues to purse and and whether a liberal agenda, focused on social concerns, can fly in moderate states. Those differences spilled into view at the group’s recent annual conference.”

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