North Carolina Rep. Butler Calls for Legislation to Hold Polluters Accountable
May 22, 2018

Butler made the call at a town hall attended by over 90 local residents.

WILMINGTON, N.C. — Last night, the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) hosted a town hall in Wilmington with North Carolina Rep. Deb Butler focused on priorities for the legislative session that started Wednesday, May 16, including her legislation to hold polluters accountable. Ninety residents attended the event.

Questions from the crowd focused on funding for public schools, GenX pollution in drinking water and other environment concerns, and the broken state of the legislature in North Carolina.

“I believe that if we make a mess in this world, we’ve got to clean it up,” said Rep. Butler. “That’s why we introduced two bills today to protect our state from GenX and to hold polluters accountable. Our legislation would put the burden on corporations to clean up whatever mess they’ve made and pay for any filtration necessary—that’s the kind of tough language we need.”

Rep. Butler also discussed a new legislative platform laid out by progressives this week, which is focused on education, health care, jobs, and a government accountable to the people.

“Part of our plan is to put an end to partisan gerrymandering, because it is the cause of so many of our problems today—from attacks on voting rights, to pollution in our water, to shortchanging our public schools,” continued Rep. Butler. “It’s time to put our people before special interests and build a better state.”

The town hall was sponsored by the State Innovation Exchange and open to the public and members of the press. The full livestream of the event can be found and watched on Facebook here.

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