Putting People First: Washington Legislature Adjourns with Numerous Progressive Victories
March 21, 2018

OLYMPIA, WASH. —With the first opportunity in seven years to advance progressive solutions in the Senate and on to the governor’s desk, Washington legislators wasted no time putting people first. The Democratic-controlled legislature advanced access to education and opportunity, improved health care, and implemented important accountability measures. Successes include advancing equal pay for equal work, creating a student borrowers’ bill of rights, advancing access to reproductive health care, expanding voting access, and cracking down on the influence of special-interest money in elections.

“We are proud to show that Democratic control of the legislature resulted in forward progress on so many critical issues for the people of Washington,” said Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon. “The legislature adjourned on time after a historically productive session and we look forward to keeping up the pace in the years to come.”

Highlights of the session include passage of the following bills:

  • Equal Pay for Equal Work, HB 1506, updates Washington’s Equal Pay bill and will help ensure male and female employees earn the same pay for the same work.
  • The Student Borrowers’ Bill of Rights, SB 6029, will protect student loan borrowers from predatory practices in the loan industry.
  • The Reproductive Parity Act, SB 6219, is a groundbreaking abortion rights law that ensures every coverage plan in the state that covers maternity care also covers abortion care.
  • The Voting Rights Act, SB 6002, will strengthen the state’s democracy and ensure minority populations in the state are given a stronger voice in elections.
  • The DISCLOSE Act, SB 5991, cracks down on secret campaign contributions and the influence of special interest money in elections.
  • Net Neutrality, HB 2282, makes Washington the first state to protect an open internet.

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