State Legislators Take Bold Action to Address Student Debt Crisis
August 22, 2019

SiX releases 2019 legislative trend report on state legislative actions to combat untenable student debt

DENVER, Colo. — As students return to college campuses this month, the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) released a report that highlights the most important trends in legislation that state lawmakers have crafted to address the student debt crisis. Common approaches include curtailing abuses at for-profit institutions, reining in the student loan industry, helping current student loan holders reduce or consolidate their debt, and creating a better environment for current and future students.

Close to 70 percent of college students graduate with debt, and the collective student loan debt in the United States in 2019 is now over $1.5 trillion. This debt has a wide effect not just on the Americans with student debt, but across the economy.

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to invest in their future through education, but an entire generation must defer their dreams due to the crushing weight of student debt,” said the Hon. Jessie Ulibarri, SiX Executive Director. “While the Trump Administration and Congress continue to prioritize profits for the student loan industry, state governments are taking decisive and bold action to ensure every person can pursue an education without being buried in debt.”

See the full trend report, which outlines the significant trends and describes specific legislation, here. Examples include:

Read the full report here.


The State Innovation Exchange (SiX) is a national resource and strategy center that supports state legislators who seek to strengthen our democracy, fight for working families, defend civil rights and liberties, and protect the environment. We do this by providing training, emphasizing leadership development, amplifying legislators’ voices, and forging strategic alliances between our legislative network and grassroots movements.

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