In These Times: How the Left’s Long March Back Will Begin in the States
February 6, 2017

“Most state legislatures don’t meet year-round, and many legislators have other, full-time jobs. ‘The rule is that they meet for a few months of they year and get paid a pittance,’ says Sam Munger, SiX’s director of strategic engagement. ‘They have other jobs and little or no staff. That’s one thing that ALEC has really capitalized on. It can show up with a template bill and shove it in someone’s face, and they’re overwhelmed. So they’re very vulnerable to that.’

“Munger says that, by ‘trying to support state legislators and make them better at what they do,’ SiX is helping progressives build and reassert power from the ground up. In These Times recently spoke with him about the past, present and future of state-level politics.”

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