Widespread Support for Progressive Agenda Among Michigan Voters

June 3, 2019

Key Findings from Michigan Statewide Polls for the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) reflect voter support for democratic reforms and progressive solutions to economic issues

A recent poll conducted by TargetSmart for SiX revealed that Michigan voters are hungry for concrete improvements in the everyday life of the average person and their family. From safe, modern roads to affordable auto insurance, prescription drugs, and doctor’s visits, Michiganders prioritize tangible impacts that help working people. Moreover, Michigan voters see a clear role for government in delivering these improvements and more broadly providing opportunities that help working families.

Voters are tired of seeing big banks book record profits while the streets they drive on every day are ridden with potholes. Their frustrations are easy to observe when they can’t afford their prescription drugs or their newly hiked up auto insurance bill but see pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies doing better than ever. Public opinion calls for an agenda that ensures everyone pays their fair share, corporations are held accountable, and state government provides opportunities that proactively make life better for working Michiganders.

Support for Democracy Reforms

A second survey found strong support for early voting and vote by mail options. Across all regions and demographics, citizens wanted to reduce the influence of money on policymaking and increase transparency. 

For the polling on economic issues, see more analysis here and results here. For the polling on democratic reforms, see here and here.

Survey Methodology

TargetSmart designed and administered this multi-modal survey. Five-hundred interviews were conducted via professional telephone agents (330 wireless respondents, 170 landline respondents) from May 14-23, and 509 interviews were conducted online among panelists who were matched to the TargetSmart voter file from six opt-in panel providers from May 5-23. All respondents indicated they were 18 years or older and registered to vote in Michigan. Quotas were designed to reflect the demographic and geographic distribution of registered voters in Michigan. The data were weighted by gender, age, race, TargetSmart Partisan Score, TargetSmart High School Only Score, and region by county and county council district to ensure an accurate reflection of the population.

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