About SiX

We are a national resource and strategy center that collaborates with state legislators to improve people’s lives through transformative public policy. SiX works in close coordination with legislators, advocacy groups, think tanks and activists to provide the tools and information legislators need to be successful. We provide policy support, communication products, research, trainings, convenings, technical assistance and strategic advice with a particular focus on the dynamics in each state. We are committed to building progressive power at the state level by providing lasting and personalized support for state legislators.

Who is SiX?

The SiX team is comprised of former and current elected officials, legislative specialists, communications gurus, grassroots organizers and policy experts from every corner of the progressive movement. We have the skills and experience to help progressive legislators build the world we all deserve.

We are committed to supporting legislators who are working to: strengthen our democracy, fight for working families, advance reproductive freedom, defend civil rights and liberties, and protect the environment.