February 4, 2022

Marylanders Want the State Legislature to Fund Forward-Looking Priorities to Help Maryland Prepare for the Future

Strong support for worker protections, climate action and bold revenue solutions to help meet funding needs 

As the Maryland state legislature begins the 2022 session, a poll released today shows that Marylanders want the legislature to take action to address critical needs for workers and to make forward looking investments on climate issues.  The poll was commissioned by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) and Strong Future Maryland.

The state legislature is tackling some incredibly critical issues for the future of Maryland,” said Ian Pfeiffer, SiX Maryland State Director. “Voters want action on what matters-- our economy and our environment.”

Marylanders overwhelmingly support policies that address issues in the workplace and would strengthen the protections for working people.

  • Require employers in Maryland to provide hourly wage workers with pay stubs in addition to their pay check or direct deposit-75% support;
  • Prohibit employers from misclassifying workers as contractors to avoid paying for employee  benefits such as overtime pay and workers' compensation-79% support;
  • Require employers to accommodate employees' requests to be off on certain days or at certain times due to urgent needs like child care or college classes -77% support; and
  • Create wage boards that bring together businesses, government, and workers to ensure fair wages for employees across a specific industry and prevent employers from abusing the availability of cheap labor to drive down wages -79% support.

Additionally, more than twice as many Marylanders believe that paid family and medical leave would benefit Maryland's economy.

With seven in ten Marylanders reporting concern over global climate change and a strong desire by voters for the General Assembly to reduce carbon emissions (65% support action). Marylander want bold ideas to address our climate future:

  • The state of Maryland should make major investments and set ambitious goals in order to expand renewable energy and other new technology to combat climate change- 73% agree;
  • The state of Maryland should invest in current renewable energy technology and gradually  expand investments in new technology in order to combat climate change - 76% agree; 
  • State governments should invest in preparations for a future living with climate change- 75% agree; and
  • There is very little the Maryland governor and state elected officials can do to prevent or slow climate change and how it impacts people's lives - 36% agree.

For a second year in a row, the poll finds strong support for the legislature to take action to raise the needed revenue to support key investments. Marylanders show consistent support for the policy ideas tested which include:

  • Proposals to close corporate tax loopholes- 80% support;
  • eliminate income tax loopholes for hedge fund and private equity managers- 77% support;
  • Raise income taxes on individuals making more than a million dollars a year- 75% support; and
  • Tax the legal sale of cannabis- 70% support.

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